Our pediatric specialty is committed to promote the health of infants, children and adolescents with a balanced program that seeks to deliver high quality comprehensive preventive and clinical care.

Our Services include:

  • Consultation and management of acute and chronic general pediatric diseases
  • Infectious disease prevention and vaccination programs
  • Management of childhood allergy and Immunology
  • Growth and development assessment with Anthropometric
  • Child weight management and obesity program
  • Early detection programs of childhood diseases
  • Emergency room to handle sub-acute pediatric problems like high fever, vomiting/diarrhea requiring IV fluid hydration, suturing for small injuries, Acute Asthma treatment requiring nebulization
  • Free prenatal ‘meet and greet’ consultation.
  • Dehydration requiring intravenous fluids

Preventive health checkup of Children

Prevention is better than cure!

We all know that prevention is better than cure but do we really believe in this phase! Do we really think about visiting a doctor unless or until there is a sheer necessity to visit one?

We aim to emphasize the merits of preventive healthcare in your children. Following screening packages have been designed to identify the signs of frequent illnesses in your child in order to manage them in the early stage.

Iron Deficiency Anemia: Iron Deficiency leads to a Child’s Slow Learning!

Is your child affected by decreased attention span, reduced alertness and learning difficulties? Get your child screened for iron-deficiency anemia and give your child a healthy body and sound mind.

Obesity Screening: Your Child Doesn’t Have to be Fat to have obesity traits!

Early detection of obesity leads to prevention of childhood diabetes, hypertension and Vitamin D deficiency. Universal screening for overweight and obesity has become the standard of care in pediatrics and recommended by American Academy of Pediatrics.

Allergy Testing: Allergies can lead to Exhaustion!

Allergy related disorders are among the leading chronic diseases diagnosed in children. According to one study, 4-6% of children have food allergies, 8-10% have asthma and 15-25% have allergic rhinitis (hay fever). Conducting allergy tests combined with the expert advice from the pediatrician can help in early detection of allergies.

Well Child Visits: Failing to do timely Immunization can lead to Serious Illnesses!

Preventive care and ensuring the health of any child is to make sure he or she receives immunizations at the correct time. Has your child had all the scheduled well child visit and vaccinations?

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